Tewksbury Congregational Church

Seasonal Information



On Reformation Sunday, children in third grade will be presented with their own Bibles during adult worship. Also on this day, three year olds will be given a children's Bible as a way to encourage further learning at home.

Third Grade Stoles

On Palm Sunday, third graders are responsible for handing out palms while wearing hand-made stoles, created as part of their classroom learning experiences. These stoles will also be blessed during worship.


Youth are given the opportunity to participate in a series of classes in preparation for being confirmed. "Confirmation" means that the young people make for themselves the same promises that their parents made for them at their baptism. Each student is assigned an adult mentor who works with them over the course of their ninth grade year. Attendance at full group classes and mission work is also a must. Confirmation often occurs during their sophomore year in November.

Advent Workshops

Following regular Sunday services in mid-December, families are invited to partake in a simple meal followed by activities and crafts that relate to the Christmas season. Families will be encouraged to rotate through various stations, each detailing an important aspect of the season and a project relating to the theme at hand. It is a wonderful way to celebrate the season with the church community in a fun and festive way.

Christmas Pageant

Each year in mid-December, our youth present a pageant to the congregation. Good attendance on the Sundays preceding the pageant is especially important as some rehearsals will be conducted during class time. The pageant will most likely be held during worship the Sunday before Christmas.

Lenten Workshops

Similar to the Advent workshops held earlier in the year, this event is held during the season of Lent. Again, a simple lunch is served followed by crafts and projects focusing on Easter activities.

Youth Sunday

At the end of each Sunday School year, our youth lead the congregation in worship. Good attendance on the Sundays preceding Youth Sunday is especially important as all rehearsals are conducted during class time. Worship is followed by an all church picnic.