Tewksbury Congregational Church

Women's Fellowship

Every woman yearns for friends who will walk with her through life's joys and sorrows. We are ready to join you on that journey. Our Bible studies, fellowships, support groups, and service projects will help you develop deeper relationships with Jesus Christ and other women.



Connecting Points for Women

Ladies Aid: Welcomes all women of the church, meeting in the afternoon on the second Wednesday of each month. Programs vary with guest speakers, service projects and luncheons.

Friendship Circle: Meets monthly on the second Thursday at 9:00 am. The group provides Christian fellowship with a program that alternates Bible study, service projects, etc. and joining Holiday Friends for craft projects.

Holiday Friends: This group meets at night the third Thursday of each month (and also works with Friendship Circle). Various craft work is done, primarily to contribute to TCC's annual holiday fair.

Bible Study

Other Ways to Connect

Fellowship Groups: Gatherings/Events for men and women

Need Help?: Dealing with life's challenges such as divorce, financial assistance, prayer requests and grief

Helping Others: Joining others to serve our church and community

Calendar: Upcoming events at Tewksbury Congregational Church

Have Questions About Women's Fellowship?

If you have questions about programs for women, call us at 978-851-9411