Tewksbury Congregational Church

Getting Involved

Creating treat bags for the Lowell Transitional
Living Center after our annual Leftover
Halloween Candy Collection

Whatever your skills, interests, and availability may be, there's an opportunity for you to serve at TCC. We encourage our newest members to ease into service by starting with the smallest level of commitment: a volunteer position. This provides an opportunity to get to know other members while lending a helping hand. Many families with small children have wisely opted for the parents to take turns when it comes to higher levels of commitment, so that they can maintain the proper level of balance between home/work/school/church and all of the other wonderful (and sometimes stressful) demands in their lives. And, members who have been highly involved for an extended period of time are welcome to enjoy a sabbatical year of rest so that they can take pleasure in being served by the Congregation that they have served so well.

It is our hope that members will, eventually, travel up and down the tiers of service that you see below, always choosing a level of commitment that fits their lifestyle at that very moment. Church is a place where you should feel supported, where you should feel joy in service to your faith community, and where you can ask for help and receive it. There is a true sense of teamwork at TCC, and you are invited to be a part of it.



Tiers of Service

Volunteer ~ A one time commitment; generally 1-3 hours
raking leaves on Fall Clean-up Day, serving dinner at Lowell Transitional Living Center, reading scripture during worship, touch-up painting around the church, setting up tables and chairs for a church dinner

Project Coordinator ~ Leading a single event project; typically 4-10 hours
Chicken Pie Supper, Church World Service School Kits, Church Fair, Leftover Halloween Candy Collection, Spring Clean-up, etc...

Program Coordinator ~ Leading an ongoing project; generally 10-20 hours
Toiletry Kits, Food Pantry donations, teaching Sunday School, Pew Racks, Church Sign, Greeters, Coffee Hour Host, etc...

Committee Membership ~ Participation in monthly meetings and ongoing project work; 20-40 hours
Missions, Music, Finance, Membership and Enlistment, Pastor/Parish Relations, and more

Committee Chairs and Board Members ~ Leadership, meeting participation, and project work; 40+ hours
Board of Ministries, Board of Deacons, Board of Trustees, and more