Tewksbury Congregational Church

Mission Trips

Nothing can quite compare to a Mission Trip experience, when you leave the comforts of your everyday life and transplant yourself for a brief time into the reality of someone far less fortunate. It is in those moments of simple service that a wellspring of gratitude and compassion rise up within you and change the very core of your being.

For the past five years, TCC has created opportunities for our members to participate in organized group Mission Trips to Mexico. The response has been phenomenal, with 15-25 parishioners traveling each time, and with Prayer Partner support stateside. Additionally, TCC has supported self-initiated Mission Trips to Louisiana, Guatemala, and Zimbabwe; places that have special significance to our members.

To ease the financial hardship of funding this kind of experience, TCC offers a Mission Trip Stipend. Members and their dependent children can be reimbursed 10% of the eligible costs (program fees, transportation, accommodations, food, immunizations) with a cap of $100 per person per calendar year. It's just our way of saying: "Go. Serve. Learn. Teach. Be." Your spiritual and emotional growth is important to us, too.