Tewksbury Congregational Church

Mission Grants

Our members are passionate about non-profit organizations that do good things in the world. And, because those organizations are special to them, they are special to TCC too. One of the ways that we can support our members is to offer a small donation and some exposure to the non-profits that are near and dear to their hearts. We do that through our Mission Grant program which provides a donation of $250 to a non-profit selected by the Missions Committee from applications submitted by our members. Special consideration is given to faith-based organizations and ones that serve our region, and all qualified applications are kept on file for future deliberation. Organizations are only eligible for one TCC Mission Grant, and each applicant can earn just one per calendar year.

Response to this program has been heartwarming. Not only have we lifted up organizations cherished by our members, but we have also provided an opportunity for our church family to better understand the relationship between the organization and the member. For many, there is history, or a special connection, or even a leadership role. Stories are told in our church newsletter four times each year, and there is always a wonderful nugget to share. We realize that our members live rich, deep lives outside of our church walls, and this is just one of the many opportunities that we create in order to honor each person as a whole.