Tewksbury Congregational Church

Financial Gifts

Tewksbury Community Pantry
(TCC Pledges Quarterly Support)

At TCC, we understand the importance of proportional giving, so it only makes sense that we model the practice through our own budgetary process. To that end, five percent of our anticipated income from pledge support, fundraising, and investments is dedicated to our Missions budget. The Missions Committee then has the responsibility to allocate that funding accordingly.

Pledge support fuels our ministry, because it is those promises of funding from our members that allow TCC not only to pay our staff and maintain our building, but also allow us the freedom to create and expand our programming. In that same spirit of planned giving, the Missions Committee offers significant quarterly pledge support to four non-profit organizations each year and additionally offers smaller single donation contributions to a handful of other service providers.

The Missions budget (along with Coffee Hour contributions) also supports our School Sponsorship program in which we fund the education of five children representing Haiti, Mexico, Guatemala, and the Philippines. And, to encourage active participation from both a service and giving level, the new Mission Trip Stipend and Mission Grant programs were recently created and have been warmly embraced by TCC members.