Tewksbury Congregational Church

Lay Leadership

There is a wonderful sense of teamwork at TCC. Our pastor works collaboratively with lay leadership to ensure that our ministries meet the needs of the congregation and the community we serve. Through our governing body, the Board of Ministries, the vision of our church is developed and defined, but it is through the hands-on work of our member leaders that we reach our goals.

Maintaining balance is important to us, and we know that many hands make for lighter work. So that we can provide meaningful service opportunities that match our members' interests and availability, we have created a tiered model that allows each individual the flexibility to determine their level of commitment. There may be years when volunteer support is all that your life allows, but there may come a time when project coordination or committee membership calls to you. Ultimately, our goal is to provide our members with service opportunities that add joy to their lives, intensify their faith experience, and offer a warm sense of Christian fellowship.

Here is a list of our standing Boards and Committees:

For more information on service opportunities, go to Getting Involved.